Liqid Composable leverages industry-standard datacenter components to deliver a flexible, scalable architecture built from pools of disaggregated resources.

Storage, compute, networking, and graphics processing (GPU) devices are interconnected over PCIe to deliver dynamically configurable bare-metal servers perfectly sized with the exact physical resources required by the application being deployed.

Our intelligent fabric-switching technology, Liqid Grid, allows core system resources to be instantly interconnected into bare- metal servers via a PCI Express (PCIe) fabric, and dynamically reconfigured as needed.

Liqid Command Center is the powerful management software that automates, orchestrates, and composes physical computer systems from pools of bare-metal resources.

Liqid Composable enables IT administrators to deliver adaptive compute infrastructure and scale core resources on-demand for the world’s most data-intensive workloads.


Liqid Command Center

Extensible CI management software that automates, orchestrates, and dynamically composes physical computer systems from pools of individual bare-metal elements.

Liqid Grid - PCIe Fabric

The ulta-low latency, intelligent, and managed switching fabric that electrically interconnects pools of disaggregated system element segments.

Liqid Command Center Management Software

— Bare Metal Machine Orchestration
— Policy-based Automation and Provisioning
— Cluster Management (Create, Edit, Delete)
— Bare-Metal Machine Management (Create, Edit, Delete)
— Device Management (CPU, NIC, SSD/HDD, and GPU)
— Package Management (OS Deployment, Configuration, Snapshots) 
— Advanced Cluster, Machine, and Device Statistics & Monitoring
— Multiple Control Methods: GUI, RESTful API, and CLI

— Secure, remote configuration and management over IPv4/IPv6
— Fabric Scale-Out & Scale-Up Capable
— High Availability – Device/machine failover and migration
— Error, event and status notifications
— System Alarms and event notification
— Advanced GPU peer-2-peer support
— Advanced Fabric DMA NIC

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