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Liqid believes that immediate access to actionable data is power - power to make decisions and seize opportunities like never before. As a result, we developed some of the world’s most elegant technology for managing and delivering data. We are leading the charge in challenging the status quo of standard data management methods, and we are partnering with select, like-minded companies to help us deliver on this vision.

As leaders in PCIe design, engineering, and technology, we are changing the way applications utilize resources by offering PCIe based solutions that delivers unmatched performance and capabilities. Liqid Powered DCU1000 is the latest product in a series of NVMe PCIe SSD offerings focused on delivering market-leading storage solutions to enterprise and data center customers.


The latest product that has resulted from the Liqid-Kingston partnership is an expansion in the data center series of SSD product. Based on Liqid’s leading PCIe innovation, the new DCU1000 enables Kingston to offer a complete product portfolio for enterprise-class NVMe SSDs. This product offering strengthens the partnership between the two companies as Liqid continues to provide innovative technology in partnership with a global leader in manufacturing, distribution and sales of storage and memory products.


The second product to come to market as a result of this partnership is the world’s fastest 2.5” PCIe-based storage device. This design offers the highest performance in a 2.5” SSD available on the market. Liqid Powered DCU1000 delivers unmatched price-performance metrics and application-level performance. Now introducing the Kingston DCU1000 PCIe 2.5” SSD, developed and powered by Liqid.


Market & Specs

The DCU1000 delivers a Gen 3.0 x4 PCIe interface with the ability to provide the highest levels of performance in any 2.5-inch SSD. The device supports 3.6 GB/s read and write and 875 K IOPS (4K) performance. The DCU1000 also supports up to 3.9 TB capacity and other critical features demanded by enterprise and data center customers including power loss protection, hot pluggable, and dual-port capabilities.

Unparalleled Performance
- Leading Performance: 850 K IOPS and 3.6 GB/s
- High-capacity NVMe SSD, up to 4 TB
- PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 Interface
- Enterprise-class Power Failure Protection
Kingston and Liqid have partnered to develop the fastest 2.5-Inch SSD in the world. These are ultra-high performing NVMe based SSDs targeted at data center and enterprise applications.
Darwin Chen General Manager, Kingston Technology

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