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2/12/2018 -

Spectre, Meltdown, and Flexible Scaleout

The recent Meltdown and Spectre attacks illustrate the problematic nature of modern computing systems.

1/10/2018 -

Startup Liqid looks to make a splash in composable storage

Liqid composable storage infrastructure is based on Liqid Grid's custom PCIe fabric switch and orchestration to provision bare-metal servers from disaggregated devices.

1/2/2018 -

The best emerging storage tech of 2017

Liqid has taken a commercially available PCIe switch chip to create a rack-mountable PCIe switch. Why is this cool? Basically it allows you to extend a server's PCIe bus outside the box, with all the bandwidth and low latency that comes with PCIe.

12/11/2017 -

Hyperscale for Enterprise - hype or scale?

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Baidu, Microsoft, and Tencent are known as the "Big 7" hyperscalers according to Intel.

12/7/2017 -

Phison and Kingston collaborate to accelerate transition to PCIe

Phison Electronics expects its latest duo of PCIe 3.0 NVMe controllers, E7 and E8, to continue to drive the next wave of SSD evolution for Kingston's SSD line as the massive transition from SATA to PCIe interface continues in 2018.

12/5/2017 -

For Composable Infrastructure, You'll Need Fabric Networking

The lure of composable infrastructure is that it allows the enterprise to scale hardware footprints up and out even as it supports the added flexibility of fully software-defined architectures.

11/29/2017 -

Liqid steps up with Composable Infrastructure for HPC at SC17

Liqid Composable leverages industry-standard data center components to deliver a flexible, scalable architecture built from pools of disaggregated resources.

11/21/2017 -

Lunera wants to define the shape of edge computing

This week I met a company called Lunera that’s embedding computing in LED light bulbs. Literally.

11/17/2017 -

Liqid Will Release Rack-Scale Composable Infrastructure in Early 2018

Liqid Grid is a package that uses an intelligent PCI-Express (PCIe) fabric switch with Liqid’s Command Center software to enable bare-metal composable infrastructure.

11/16/2017 -

Composable infrastructure creates new path to SDDC nirvana

Shiny new products like composable infrastructure and on-premises cloud platforms could offer a way to achieve software-defined infrastructure...

11/16/2017 -

Liqid Computing Advances Composable Infrastructure

There’s a lot of interest in the idea of having composable infrastructure that enables compute, storage and networking elements of a data center to be dynamically invoked as necessary.

11/16/2017 -

Orange Silicon Valley, Liqid to deliver composable GPU...

Powered by Liqid composable infrastructure, the OSV-Liqid prototype is capable of providing on-demand GPU performance as a fully scalable resource.

11/16/2017 -

On-demand supercomputing has a promising future

We live in an on-demand society. Urbanites use ride-hailing apps to get around their cities...

11/15/2017 -

Apollo 11 And The Smartphone: Hitting The New Sweet Spot With AI And High-Performance Computing

It’s a well-worn industry talking point that today’s smartphones exponentially outperform the supercomputers that landed Apollo 11 on the moon.

11/14/2017 -

GPUs, HPC, and PCI Switching

In 2009, Volodymyr V. Kindratenko, et al., presented a paper on using Graphics Processor (GPU) clusters for High Performance Computing (HPC).

11/14/2017 -

Liqid and Orange Silicon Valley show off a ‘composable’ GPU supercomputer

Liqid and Orange Silicon Valley have teamed up to create a prototype for a “composable” graphics supercomputer.

11/14/2017 -

Liqid Fulfils the Promise of Rack-Scale Composable Infrastructure with General Availability

Liqid, the leader in composable infrastructure solutions...

11/14/2017 -

Orange Silicon Valley and Liqid Collaborate to Deliver a Fully Composable GPU...

Powered by Liqid composable infrastructure, the OSV-Liqid prototype is capable of providing on-demand GPU performance as a fully scalable resource.

11/14/2017 -

Liqid and Orange Silicon Valley show off a ‘composable’ GPU supercomputer

The whole goal is to reduce the “lumpiness of infrastructure.”

11/13/2017 -

One Stop Systems Announces Composable Infrastructure Solutions at SC17

One Stop Systems (OSS), the leading provider of ultra-dense high performance computing (HPC) systems for a multitude of HPC applications...

11/13/2017 -

Liqid Assigned Patent

Front end traffic handling in modular switched fabric-based storage systems.

11/10/2017 -

Tech firm Liqid moving HQ from Lafayette to Broomfield

Liqid Inc., a developer of agile technologies for data centers, will move its headquarters from Lafayette to the Interlocken business park in Broomfield.

11/09/2017 -

Liqid: Reinventing Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing is a technological breakthrough that held unimaginable implications.

10/19/2017 - SearchServerVirtualization

Cloud-based environment: The new normal for IT

Liqid has an interesting composable infrastructure based on its smart stack of software-driving [PCIe] switches.

08/31/2017 -

NVMe to enable truly composable infrastructure?

NVMe allows for more bandwidth and lower latency access to take advantage of the physical characteristics of SSDs...

08/29/2017 -

Hot products at VMworld 2017

Liqid's hardware and software platform allows users to manage and configure physical, bare-metal server systems in seconds.

08/28/2017 -

2.5″ U.2 NVMe PCIe SSD Tuned to Maximize Efficiency

As more mainstream servers launch with U.2 NVMe SSD slots, DCU1000 is the perfect solution to optimize virtual machine performance ...

07/31/2017 -

PCIe versus Ethernet in a Composable System

So why should composable systems use something like PCIe, rather than using 100g Ethernet?

07/05/2017 -

Liqid offers PCIe switch and software for datacenter composable infrastructure

Switched PCIe as a fabric is intriguing ... 'composable infrastructure' as a term is gathering momentum ...

06/14/2017 -

How composable infrastructure achieves AWS-like results

Unlike HPE, but true to its disruptive credo, Liqid takes an unconventional approach to stitching disparate systems into a composable cluster.

06/08/2017 -

The Composable Systems Wave Is Rising

Companies using Liqid are seeing 90 percent utilization. These kinds of numbers are surely going to get some attention.

05/30/2017 -

Composable infrastructure: The Next Big Thing in datacenters

If you want to get a jump on the Next Big Thing, check out Liqid and start thinking about how it can make your datacenter more efficient - and you more indispensable.

05/19/2017 -

Liqid Showcases Composable Infrastructure for GPUs at GTC 2017

The Liqid CI Platform is the first solution to support GPUs as a dynamic, assignable, bare-metal resource.

05/16/2017 -

Spotlight: Liqid, On-Demand Composable Infrastructure

Liqid’s software and hardware work in harmony allowing users to configure their physical server infrastructure on-the-fly.

05/10/2017 -

GestaltIT: Compose Your Infrastructure with Liqid

If composable infrastructure is the next evolution of the data center, Liqid seems like the right approach at the right time.

05/08/2017 -

StorageMojo: Liqid’s composable infrastructure

If you want to get a jump on the Next Big Thing, check out Liqid and start thinking about how it can make your datacenter more efficient.

04/27/2017 -

Liqid: A Global leader in Composable Infrastructure

Liqid named in "The 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch"


03/24/2017 -

The Silicon Review: Featuring Liqid

Liqid named as one of the top 10 fastest growing storage companies.


03/10/2017 -

Liqid Unveils Composable Infrastructure Platform Driven by Software

Liqid launched the CI platform that provides the software needed to make OCP platforms configurable

08/20/2016 -

Most Intriguing Hardware at IDF 2016

Kingston took great pride in this real-time display of an Iometer test running both drives at once, in which they attained upwards of 2.1 million IOPS.

08/09/2016 -

Liqid SSDs and Software Enable 50GB/s and 10 Million IOPS Performance

Through their reference SSD designs and software architecture Liqid is able to deliver what is some of the best performance we have seen at FMS 2016 so far.

06/20/2016 -

Colorado Companies to Watch 2016

Liqid Inc. was named to the 2016 list of Colorado Companies to Watch

06/08/2016 -

Executive Interview: Liqid VP Marketing, Sumit Puri

Sumit Puri discusses disaggregation and a best-in-class PCIe SSD.

01/08/2016 -

Liqid Powered: Tom's Hardware's CES 2016 Top Picks

CES Top Pick 2016

01/08/2016 -

Kingston Unveils E1000 NVMe Enterprise SSD At CES 2016

Kingston displayed its newest NVMe SSD at CES 2016. The E1000 AIC (Add-In Card) is an NVMe-powered HHHL form factor SSD that Kingston developed in concert with Liqid.

01/06/2016 -

Kingston Demos E1000 PCIe NVMe SSD Capable of 1.25 Million IOPS and More

Kingston shows off some of their newest enterprise products including the E1000 PCIe NVMe AIC.