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The first entirely native bare-metal orchestration platform to drive real-time agility across your data center. Now your applications are in control – continuously adapting your infrastructure to your ever-changing business needs. No virtualization required. All on-demand.

IT curve


Today’s digital economy offers greater opportunity than ever before. But with new opportunity comes uncertainty. And, when faced with the unknown, there is no better time for businesses to be prepared.

In today’s IT environment this means purchasing equipment to future-proof the data center – resulting in the unfortunate reality of under-utilized resources and over-utilized capital. To make matters worse, the technological demands of today’s applications are constantly changing, necessitating swift business decisions and new, often cutting edge, infrastructure requirements.

These steps are not the best formula for success. The result is a constant decline in your organization’s operational efficiency caused by the contradictory phenomenon of trying to change something that is inherently static – your current infrastructure.

The solution starts now. Gone are the days of slow, static, and capital intensive infrastructure changes. Liqid delivers a fluid, dynamic way to deploy bare-metal server elements. This allows you to adapt to technological and business changes in real-time, enabling your business to fully maximize the opportunities in today’s digital economy.

Liqid Command Center


Command Center is the simplest, most intuitive and elegant way to interact with your data center.

It provides a single pane of glass to interface and communicate with Liqid OS, allowing the application to identify, compose, manage, and troubleshoot the underlying disaggregated infrastructure. Command Center’s RESTful API allows your application to programmatically provision its own bare-metal resources using a simple, automatically generated command.

The result is an experience that makes more sense, saves more time, and allows for unmatched productivity.

automatic and effortless

Automatic and Effortless

Liqid Automated Intelligence (LAI) was invented to take the guesswork out of IT.

Liqid OS collects real-time information to make intelligent decisions based on user- or application-defined policies, allowing for seamless infrastructure changes. LAI implements a machine-learning engine that uses pattern recognition algorithms to ingest historical utilization data that can preemptively and predictively adapt to future infrastructure needs. No human or application intervention required.

So as your business needs change, now your underlying infrastructure can keep up automatically and effortlessly.



Elastic Orchestration gives unparalleled control over your resources.

It allows for pools of unassigned storage, compute, and networking elements to be dynamically provisioned into bare-metal machines and de-provisioned on-demand based on application-specific requirements.

This allows for 85% better operational efficiency over traditional infrastructure, and empowers you to better utilize all of your business’s resources.

Creating Scalability Envy


While engineering the platform of the future, we needed to invent a technology that not only allows for nearly infinite scalability but also provides fine-grained control over your fundamental computing elements. The result is Grid.

Grid is a PCIe-based fabric and control plane that enables the deployment and provisioning of disparate disaggregated bare-metal elements. Liqid OS and its robust capabilities leverage Grid to orchestrate and automate application-defined requirements for native storage, compute, and networking resources.

Now you have the power to break the upgrade cycle, defy locality, and scale smarter than ever before.

Liqid IT Curve

Eliminate Uncertainty

Together Control Center (with its simplistic and elegant design), Liqid OS (and its robust automation and orchestration capabilities), and Grid (the first scalable PCIe fabric and control plane allowing native disaggregation for the very first time) provide the tools necessary to attack the opportunities that lie ahead.

Gone are the days of slow, static, and capital-intensive infrastructure changes. Liqid delivers a fluid, dynamic answer to deploy bare-metal compute, network, and storage elements on-demand to meet your resource needs. These capabilities allow you to adapt to technological and business changes in real-time, enabling your business to fully maximize all of what the digital economy has to offer.

We defined a new standard in IT innovation through uncompromising design and engineering. We like to call it the platform of the future. You can call it Liqid.

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