Data center architectures have seen significant advances with the advent of the cloud era but have remained shackled by the motherboard-chassis paradigm, which locks resource allocation to the point of purchase.

Liqid Composable interconnects disaggregated resource pools to a fabric, freeing users from the restrictions of the motherboard-chassis configuration that has remained one of the final physical limitations of the digital world.

Through innovations in low-latency fabrics and intelligent software, Liqid Composable addresses the painful and costly limitations associated with static architectures by interconnecting pools of compute, networking, data storage, and graphics processing devices with a PCI-Express (PCIe) fabric to deliver transformative results.

Adaptive computing delivered with bare-metal composable infrastructure

Adjusting to real-time business requirements is paramount in the modern data center. Liqid Composable empowers IT administrators to manage, scale, and configure physical bare-metal server systems in seconds and then reallocate core data center devices on demand as business needs evolve.

Liqid Command Center software is delivered via the Liqid Grid PCIe fabric switch that enables true resource disaggregation and dynamic composability of industry standard server components.

Off-the-shelf pools of compute, networking, storage, and graphics processing (GPU) devices are deployed natively over the Liqid Grid PCIe fabric switch.

Liqid Command Center software allows IT administrators to instantly orchestrate bare-metal servers and dynamically reallocate physical resources on-the-fly as infrastructure requirements change.


Evolved Infrastructure for the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Composable infrastructure solutions from Liqid provide the dynamic foundation for a truly adaptive computing platform. Enabling the scaling and dynamic orchestration of NVMe storage, CPU, networking, and GPU devices, Liqid provides significant improvements in data center resource utilization and delivers optimized performance for the next generation of data-intensive applications.

Legacy applications are quickly being replaced by more dynamic, AI-driven solutions to manage the sheer volume of data being generated by billions of internet-connected devices.

Research bodies, government institutions, and businesses of all kinds must be able to optimize and scale resources on demand in order to evaluate these massive data streams and enable real-time analytics and processing. Composable infrastructure can perform multi-dimensional queries on massive, unstructured data sets at speeds far faster than traditional high-performance computing configurations.


Traditional commercial computing structures will give way to disaggregated systems that can be scaled and deployed more efficiently to manage ever-changing data flows. Liqid's approach to composable infrastructure ensures that IT administrators are prepared to address the challenging demands of the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Liqid Composable optimizes system elements to meet evolving requirements for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, virtual & augmented reality (VR/AR), video rendering & digital effects, climate study, medical discovery, autonomous logistics, disaster preparedness, municipal planning, banking & finance, and other emerging high-value applications.